Chip’s Tips for Airbnb Open LA

The Airbnb Open is just around the corner (November 17-19). Our annual festival of hosting will welcome over 7,000 hosts and guests, from 101 countries, to create new connections — this year in electric Downtown Los Angeles. I’m sharing some details … Continued


Meditation is prime time for a download. On a recent morning, I meditated on my Baja beachfront terrace. Emptying my mind gave space for some wisdom (from who knows what source?!) to download. Then, I did my ritual protein shake … Continued


THE MORE DIGITAL WE GET, THE MORE RITUAL WE NEED This is why festivals have made such a comeback in the 21st century. Our leisure IRL (In Real Life) experiences balance our growing fixation with URLs (partly why I started … Continued

The Dance Between Intern & Elder

  “Musicians don’t retire. They stop when there’s no more music left inside of them.” So says Robert DeNiro to Anne Hathaway in The Intern. I love crying at the movies. And, while this one won’t win any Oscars on … Continued