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The societal blueprint for midlife is one marked by disappointment and the dawning of decline—but what if rather than simply enduring midlife, it was an era we truly adored?

Though most often associated with crisis, the natural transition of midlife is actually more akin to a chrysalis—a time when something profound awakens in us, as we shed our skin, spread our wings, and pollinate our wisdom to the world.

We’re living longer than ever before. It’s time for us to re-architect the blueprint for midlife into a time of transformation and joy.

Learning to Love Midlife is intended to act as a wake-up call to the unexpected pleasures and joys of midlife (broadly defined as ages 35-75), and a guide for learning to not only love midlife, but also to love yourself in midlife.

By reading, you will reflect on how to consciously curate the second half of your adult life, as well as discover 12 reasons why life gets better with age, including:

And More...

No matter where you are in your midlife journey, Learning to Love Midlife:
12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better with Age will inspire you to find joy, purpose, and success in the years ahead—and how those years can be your best ones yet.


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About The Author

MEA’s founder Chip Conley is a hospitality entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author.

His book, Wisdom@Work, forms the core of MEA’s curriculum and is inspired by his experience — as both a mentor and an intern (“mentern”) — when he was well into his 50s, as Airbnb’s Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy.

What no CV (or Chip) will tell you (but he was overruled by his team) is that his greatest assets are his kindness and generosity, his care for the people he works with, and his infectious laugh.


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